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About us

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We are a young, youthful and dynamic Staff, enterprising and always looking for ideas, innovations, alternative solutions, technologies applied to SMEs and to Public Administrations (PA) which are able to Optimize, Increase Efficiency, Innovate.

Since the beginning, we are a Team allocated from realities with field experience for TLC, Energy Market, Plant and Installations Design, Technologies, Management Strategies, Business Management, Processes Improvements and Problem Solving.
We use a completely New way to Approach the Client, analyze him, follow him, to the extent of turning him upside-down sometimes.
The designated Customer has nothing more to do than to let his external Facility Manager to manage the designed sectors and to follow the course of the Orientation on the Market and of the constant research of Saving together with News and Quality, more than some Modernity, that is never too much.


We works for every kinds of our customers’ needs...

Duepuntozero has the objective of managing completely the task assigned to it on behalf of the Client, often considering to range over other close sectors, tending to “enlighten new corners that are still dark” and so pushing the Client to see the need to keep analyzing the Market, to challenge it, to renegotiate it, to interpret it, to take advantage of it, with the purpose not only of saving money (by means of recontractualisation, targeted and tailored negotiation and the expertize that it imposes) but also resources and time (by means of innovative systems, with improved efficiency, sometimes even groundbreaking, but functional without any doubt).


Our Process

Meeting the Client in his Reality is essential!





"--- 01.01.2016 --- Mountain Hotel spends more than 50 thousands euros for business utilities! It's incredible how it seems there is no way to save money… --- 31.05.2016 --- Thanks to Duepuntozero, Mountain Hotel starts saving money and will spend 10 thousand euros less next year!"

"--- 08.03.2016 --- Manufacturing companies would like to improve the energetic efficiency of their plants but there are less and less funds to cover these expenses. --- 01.07.2016 --- Manufacturing Company is able to improve the energetic efficiency of its plant for about 1 million euros with no down payment. In this way, it obtains a facility that is 95% energy self-sufficient."

"--- 18.03.2016 --- Too many management costs for small shops… Many small businessmen risk to close, and in that negatively influencing the whole national economy. --- 21.07.2016 --- Small shop improves its systems' efficiency and its services contracts, decreasing of the 40% its monthly expenses. All of this with no down payment!"

"--- 07.06.2016 --- Periphery business? Likely you'll have difficulties with your phone system. Sadly, this is what many companies like yours have to face. --- 05.09.2016 --- Rural area's company solves its systems' issues a new innovative and economic installation. With the help of a consultancy business, it resets an obsolete system."


Here is a collection of some of our works!

Our ZuperhERO

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EcoPuntoZero – Our ZuperhERO
Bill savings
Energy saving and efficiency
Ecopuntozero: it’s time for saving

News, events and press

Here you will find the latest posts, events, press reviews, news...

Duepuntozero at the BNC + Elbis customer

by Duepuntozero Jun 29, 2018 0

On the Abes SRl’s flier of June, the work done by Duepuntozero for our customer BNC+Elbis is sponsored…

Axpo advertises an Efficiency Enhancing intervention

by Duepuntozero Jun 29, 2018 0

Axpo advertises an Efficiency Enhancing intervention we have both planned and carried out.

DUEpuntoZERO presents ECOpuntoZERO

by Duepuntozero Jun 28, 2018 0

In cooperation with Fondazione Pistoletto/Cittadellarte S.r.l, Multiutility S.p.a. e YESSS electrical srl, Duepuntozero presents ECOpuntoZERO

Duepuntozero sponsors Athletic Bollengo Team

by Duepuntozero Jun 19, 2018 0

Duepuntozero sponsors Athletic Bollengo Team

National Finals of Pesleague 2014

by Duepuntozero Jun 18, 2018 0

One of our collaborators takes part into the National Finals of Pesleague 2014

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