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Duepuntozero at the BNC + Elbis customer

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Duepuntozero at the BNC + Elbis customer
29 Jun

Duepuntozero at the BNC + Elbis customer

Duepuntozero Jun 29, 2018 0 841

June 2017

On the Abes SRl’s flier of June, the work done by Duepuntozero for our customer BNC+Elbis is sponsored: an excellent job in the installation of a DETNOV fire detection system.


Translation of the picture:
BNC+Elbis Srl – Settimo Rottaro –TO // DETNOV fire detection system // Excellent Installation
This month we’d like to talk to you about a work that represents the standard model for fire detection systems for every medium size company.
This system is located by the plant of BNC+Elbis Srl in Settimo Rottaro – TO. The company deals with the production of cables, wiring looms and interconnection modules.
The installation has been made by our customer Duepuntozero SAS from Ivrea, and it includes about 100 analogue smoke detectors (DOD220AI) on a 4 loop-main unit (CAD1504), an analogue repeater for general status reports (RAD150) and about fifty remote optical signal repeaters (PAD10).
The fire detection system that has been installed protects the warehouse, the offices, the production areas and the test’s area of the company.
Do you need to install a similar system? Contact us to have an estimate. The simplicity of the installation will make your work much faster and our technicians will be by your side in each phase of the work.
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