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Duepuntozero has the objective of managing completely the task assigned to it on behalf of the Client, often considering to range over other close sectors, tending to “enlighten new corners that are still dark” and so pushing the Client to see the need to keep analyzing the Market, to challenge it, to renegotiate it, to interpret it, to take advantage of it, with the purpose not only of saving money (by means of recontractualisation, targeted and tailored negotiation and the expertize that it imposes) but also resources and time (by means of innovative systems, with improved efficiency, sometimes even groundbreaking, but functional without any doubt).
No one would ever adopt such a dynamic and malleable politics, not because they don’t recognize its obvious benefits, but because they’d be worried or disoriented in the process, in the search for information, in the risk, in the time needed: well, problem solved!
Moreover, the areas of common interests expand to include and get linked to other fields somehow correlated to the already analyzed sector, or proposing more adjustments with supplementary tasks in other fields. This would mean a growth of mutual esteem and trust with the final Customer and with partners employed to be able to follow the designated path.
In the cases when it’s necessary, our Customer Service and Design departments collaborate closely with professionals with great confidence and professionalism. Together, they produce analysis showing their practical professionalism in integrated solutions among different fields.
It will be possible to take action on contracts, services, technologies, processes, phases and more.
The aim is, therefore, to identify the marriage between the Client needs and the offered solution, always analyzed in the Client’s interest only and specifically on the basis of Its needs, aiming to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Due Punto Zero
Due Punto Zero

The outcome will be savings at all levels, and the client will always be able to say, “I have a consultant that follows me and helps me to keep the pace with fees’ changes and news with related offers”.
The key concepts will be detachment from the brand and attachment for the system; this is the very core of the understandings with the client that wants to grow while saving money, because SAVING is like invoicing without taxes and credit recovery!
Our work’s objective is not just to provide a service, but also to establish an actual path for the Client to optimize the costs, increase performances and receive services that are useful for its activities. This path is really important in order to bond significantly with the users of the service and also for our own growth. This is true because reference markets are constantly changing and so we think it’s necessary to keep a very elastic and dynamic approach in relation to our work.
Moreover, for us it’s very important to become our Client’s reference point in the various areas in which we operate, both for His advantage – this being having the comfort of just one reference company for more sectors – and for ours, since a global view of the Customer’s status gives us many more parameters on which we can base our full evaluations.