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Optimizable Fronts and Strategies

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Optimizable Fronts

  • Utilities Contracts and Management
  • Renegotiation and Concessions for some Taxes and Fees
  • Installations and Technical Area
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Access to Credit and Advanced Finance Systems
  • Communications
  • Privacy – Security Policy Documents (SPD)
  • Advertising and Customer Loyalty Campaigns
  • Web Services
  • "Sportello Per il Cittadino" (Citizen's Helpdesk)
  • Insurance Consultancy
  • Contracts
  • automotive
  • Safety and Training
  • Targeted Events and Targeted Training
  • Financial Solutions for Purchasing, Renting, Services also among the listed ones
  • Office and Industrial Machines
  • Alternative Energies
  • Management of Conciliation Processes and Extrajudicial Procedures
  • New selling mechanisms: barter/exchange

Economic or Commercial Strategies

There are some systems which are very convenient, with limited burdens. Once access to these systems has been granted, it’s possible to use them to defer the investment to the point of almost not realizing you’re paying it.
What if we told You Customers that there is a way to have the money to improve energy efficiency without having to pay out?